Drug discovery

The next step in research

Cells on drugs

Before any medicine goes into clinical trials it goes through cell screening. This means that cells are placed on a small plate and exposed to a variety of different experiments. Using machines, the researchers look at the cells and determine if anything changed in the cells, this can reveal many features of the drug. Performing these studies takes a large amount of time and makes an enormous dataset with an even bigger impact.

The Research

Clinical trials cost an enormous amount of money, due to this there are many pre-clinical studies that a company performs. Many pre-clinical studies are performed on cell lines, so that a higher degree of certainty can be achieved before moving forward in the pipeline. To see how a certain compound reacts with these cells it is needed to observe the response in any way. This has always been done by a lab-technician in a routinely manner, with possible human errors in the process. These processes can take multiple years to complete from end to end. To find the error in the data is like finding a needle in a haystack, and this can put your research back for months.

The Data

There are many types of data that are created within the biological/pharmaceutical industry. For a company that is specialized in creating innovative drugs it is difficult to also understand the world of informatics and the way to incorporate data in their business. Especially when it comes to the biological big data. To fully understand you need a partner that has knowledge of both worlds and speaks the same language.

For a pharmaceutical company to do this themselves it requires an enormous effort, not just financially but also within the organisational structure. The fast paced and dynamical environment of both worlds will make the effort too big to invest in.

The Products

We provide solutions for Biological Research Laboratoria to accelerate their research, time to market and expand their knowledge. What this will mean for these labs:

  • Lower research costs;
  • Recycling of research data;
  • Better knowledge transfer;
  • and much more.

Our solutions consist of custom and standardized bioinformatics software, process modelling, system integration, image analysis, text mining, data mining, cloud brokerage, data processing, and much more.