Facilitating and improving the Research Processes

All research of Life Science companies is unique, so is the process behind it. The unique property of the research does not mean that the process should not be identified and documented. Filterless helps you identify your research processes and documents the entire process. Our motto within this area is: “If it is not documented it does not exist“.

For the identification of the research process we interview researchers and stakeholders, we follow them during the research process and match the process with the interview. We then model the process, collect feedback on the created model, and finally the base process is fully documented. In this way we collect the entire research process and any variable actions taken.

When the identification is complete we provide the research team with the documented processes, the Total Cost of Ownership, possibilities for improvement, and more. In the possibilities for improvement the “low hanging fruits“, the big projects, and the vision of the ultimate process with the highest research quality and most efficiency are documented.

Doing so we facilitate a solid foundation for the (co-)creation of biotech/pharmaceutical scientific research and future improvement.

You will be able to focus on your research, our focus will be on your process.

The Benefits of a Defined Research Process

A clear documentation of the process in combination with automating the right process steps will help you be able to validate your research process. If you automate multiple process steps in one process you will be able to create a validated blockchain.

This blockchain provides your company the opportunity to move into the next phase of data driven research. This means that your internal process is ready to integrate external data, such as article, patent, or other databases which are useful for your research.

The created blockchain also makes it easier to share your research with other internal or external parties (co-creation of scientific research), because of clear definitions.