Creating value through technologies from the edge of IT.

Blockchain Implementation

By combining Enterprise Architecture, automation, secure IoT and Data Science we can help your business in the transition towards implementing blockchain(s). The blockchain(s) will help your company take the next big leap in automation: a fully automated process from start to finish, where management by exception is the norm.

Enterprise Architecture

By using Enterprise Architecture we can visualize the current situation of all layers of the business. With the help of this visualization we can propose automation projects to improve your efficiency.

Data Science

By taking an abstract view on your processes we can define new ways to analyze your data. These analysis can help with establishing a roadmap in prediction analytics and Machine Learning.

secure IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to enhance the knowledge of your business by measuring physical variables. By using secure IoT devices your business measurements remain in your control.

GDPR Consultancy

By looking in a fundamentally different way at data and combining that with the context of the GDPR we can help companies rethink their data structure and security.


We provide training and consultancy services to not only implement a system, but provide the knowledge to maintain it and continue further development from within your business.

As A Service

The knowledge we have gained over the years are provided as a service to our customers. We help set up an IT-project from conceptualization to implementation and integration. If needed, we help to search for the right people for the project and manage it. We shall always take an Enterprise Architecture perspective to the project and create clear deliverables for our customers.

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About the team

Sander and Rick, 2 bioinformaticians, started the company in a student dorm during their days at the university. When they were not busy with Machine Learning programs they were either writing their businessplan on beer filts in the pub, or presenting to companies and potential investors how their programs could make an impact.

While giving a presentation about their company Arthur and Eric identified this as a rough diamond, and so the conversations started. After many discussions over the next few months all 4 decided to come together and start Filterless.

Rick Overkleeft


Bioinformatician and Technology

Sander van Boom


Bioinformatician and Applications

Arthur Schreuder


Risk Management

Eric Hilgersom





Give a person the freedom to operate in a company and he or she will feel more comfortable and can accomplish more.


Give a person an interesting and challenging project and he or she will be able to create something amazing.


Give a person rewards for his or her effort, from big rewards to small rewards, they are essential for everyone.


Biotech Data Initiative Aftermovie

Biotech Data Initiative Aftermovie

Biotech Data Initiative launched on February 14th. The Biotech Data Initiative aims to discuss solutions for creating, analyzing and structuring data within the Biotech. Safe the date for the next session: September 28th at the Biotech Training Facility.

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