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A blockchain is in essence a fully automated process where every part in every process-step is recorded in multiple records (ledgers) which are stored over many different computers. In the case of the most known implementation of the blockchain, Bitcoin, these computers are not owned by a single company but by individuals (decentralized), there are also numerous examples of centralized blockchains.

For big organisations it can be needed to implement multiple different blockchains, that can communicate with one another. This is to prevent interference in a, sometimes very local, process due to cultural, language or other differences.

Blockchain Vision

A blockchain helps to perform processes automatically in a secure, more efficient, and a safer way. It does this by storing every action that is taken in a ledger. When every action is analysed a company can improve their processes and can identify misuse fast and efficiently.

The ledger also enables transparency and helps build a system that people do not have to trust to use. Blockchains are a great addition to the infrastructure of your business.

Basis of a Blockchain

We have created a structured program for the implementation of one or multiple blockchains. The rough outline of this program is as follow:

  1. Investigation towards the processes and create an Enterprise Architecture
  2. Report on the Enterprise Architecture and create a roadmap
  3. Start automation projects
  4. Implement secure IoT devices to measure physical variables
  5. Integrate a blockchain with the automated processes

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture helps define an organisation by modelling the entire enterprise; from abstract aspects, such as motivation, to real-life physical objects, such as factories. By getting a birds-eye-view of the enterprise we can identify overlapping processes, efficiency improvements and much more.


Automation helps to improve the efficiency, effectivity and lower the cost of a process. Without a fully validated automated process a blockchain would be very difficult to implement.

Secure IoT

Secure IoT devices have ability to measure and adjust physical variables, that cannot be integrated into a virtual environment, so that physical processes can be recorded and kept within boundaries.

Data Analytics

By performing data analytics on the data from your processes and combine these with external
(Big) data, we can help bring extra value and knowledge into your company.


Blockchain Integration

Integrate a blockchain with the processes to store, check, validate and secure the processes of your business. With the combination of the secure IoT devices even physical processes can be added to your companies blockchain.

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